Thursday, July 26, 2018

Sleep Writing?

So Many threads. So much history. So many heads. So many mysteries. What's that you said? Searching fr blissery? Just go to bed. Dreaming of thissery. A new one without a thread, just cuz, unless you know the whole tapestry and have revealed the awareness that everything is connected in your mind, especially if you want it to be. Is if you don't too, you just may not know. Stress and fatigue in the midst. Issues with the screen for the tech in the car-phone-gps brain. Stupid crappy tech in Toyota, I will badmouth Toyota from now on. Bad, bad, Toyota. Do not buy Toyoto, even when awake. Anyway, wonky evening. Sat in the car for hours with nothing to do but didn't want to come back here cuz Eb had guests I didn't want to meet. Politics is not bedfellow to this kid. Sleeping kid now, I hope. Also, one more day passes and I am still hard core focused on the weight loss, the eating healthier, the good things - joyous when I am not super tired. Sleep in deep. Stay true to your ideals and remember - I love and accept you as you are.

Call me on the 31st. :)

Hope all is well. :)

You are loved. :)

nite :)


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