Monday, December 31, 2018

And Now, The End Is Near

Yes it is. The year is changing soon, the end of 2018 and it looks like we made it (not Barry, not really) and U a in a much better place than I was yesterday or a year ago at this time or two, for that matter, maybe even three, or four? Where does the time go? I don't remember this, but I could. I worked today, little sleep so I'm nodding off. Party in six hours, so maybe I should nap, but new roommate is awake and watching TV when I got home and I was hungry so I ate something a few hours ago and now, dinner time, he went out to get pizza. Again pizza. Trying a new place, very limited menu, purely a pizza joint, could be great, we shall see. He said he didn't eat pizza much and here we are, pizza again. Very possible NY style, which is what I told him was my favorite. Is he a nice guy or what? I'll have to try their red sauce one of these days, he ordered white. Cheese. Yum. Meanwhile, just a few hours ago, I ate the white fish salad with cream cheese on oatmeal bread and baked cheddar chips and chocolate milk and just realized I stopped for a tomato (and suddenly had six or seven other items at check out, stuff I will bring to the mini-party tonight) and I forgot to slice the tomato for the white fish salad sandwich, doh! Anyway, he was watching a show called Forever (that seems to go on forever) and I nodded off and missed an episode or two and suddenly it's later and here's pizza. I think I'm gonna like living here lol. Already hearing the fireworks outside. Pig out! lol.

I probably will need some caffeine later lol. New Year's Eve, no sleep till morning.

Brooklyn? Now that's pizza. Been a long time.

Narf :)

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