Saturday, December 8, 2018


See the food and body blogs for tonight, Especially to body blog. Sheesh and gee willikers and heavens to mergatroid, how stupid excuses are when I stop listening to them. I laugh at myself even as I chide myself even as I reprimand myself. Beat myself up, why don't I? Most of all, remember. Remember how many times I've been here before. Remember all the excuses (body blog for tonight) and how well they work to undermine me and steer me on a very wrong path. Stop it, dagnabit, stop the hell out of it! Just look at all the italic! Even a bold and two exclamation points! Three! Four! Ok, stop that, but I must be serious, right?

Remember, please for all that is good and right in this life, remember!

So how was your day? (lol lam lal laa) :)

Narf :)

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