Thursday, December 13, 2018

Thigh Aches

Phew. Another phew. Not sleeping much this week. Ate semi-solids last night. A lot. The bleeding started again yesterday and the dinner and midnight snack choices were not wise. Fatigue, long day at work, just 200 calories, renewed bleeding, moving stresses, loneliness, all the usual reasons to make excuses not to go to the gym and I went anyway. See the body and food blogs. Not sleeping much. Fell asleep in the chair, wake after 6 AM, I laid down for an hour. Then I texted late and slept another two hours. I did desk work until 2 PM and then went to move boxes. second car load, twenty-something to go. Plus at least one truck run, two or three if we use the pick-up. New roommate has a pick-up. I moved his stuff myself. Cleared more space for my stuff. It's odd he is not clearing space for me, but he doesn't seem to mind me clearing his stuff out of my space. I headed back to work, dropped off the car, then went to the gym. Back here after that, shower, and eating. Light. Watching Manifest now.

For the first time, muscle aches. Outer quads. Fading after food. Rest tonight. Hopefully I will find a way to seep tonight. I don't know where the propane heater is, or if it's burning. Try now to think about it and hope I wake up in the morning. Less than three weeks to go.


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