Saturday, December 29, 2018

The Phone is Home

Yes, I changed the home address in the iPhone and no longer will it take me to that tiny little dirty place I could not call home without gagging. Love your heart Eb, but you really don't know how to share space. Anyway, This is home now. Orphan Black continues on the TV. The first poop happened already, which is a sure sign of comfort. If that's TMI, you probably should stay away from the detailed daily blog lol. I forgot how much gas I pass after pigging out and taking the laxatives. Luckily I have my Febreze nearby lol. The cat is curled up and sleeping a few feet away on the ottoman (for photos you just have to deal with the detailed daily blog and all it's revealing glory lol). Yes, I am laughing a lot tonight. Relaxing in a comfortable clean spacious living seems to be having a jovial effect on my affect. So new home, first time I feel at home at all in almost two years, maybe three years. Bed, recliner, unpacking, and moving in still to come. Baby steps can be such big changes :)

Narf :)

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